Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10

Best PC Cleaner Software For Windows 10

Is your PC slowing down lately? Would you like to make it work faster?

Well, You can do that by using a PC cleaner software on your computer. Especially, if you are using Windows 10, then this list of the best PC cleaner software for Windows 10 makes your Windows 10 PC work more efficiently. Each software uniquely removes corrupted registry files from your PC. Some PC Cleaner software limits each process to a certain amount of RAM. These are some a couple of many, among other improvements that PC cleaners can do for you.

So, join me as I take you through each of them. You will find links to download each PC cleaner software for free. Most of them offer a free version. You can always decide after using software for free. Now, let’s get started. This is a list of the best PC cleaner software for Windows 10.

1. CCleaner

Ccleaner PC Cleaner for Windows 10
Ccleaner PC Cleaner for Windows 10

CCleaner has always been my favorite. Usually, I just go to my start button on Windows 10, search for it manually, then open it. It does its job quickly and excellently.

The good bit: CCleaner is available for your business, home use, and the Cloud.

The exciting part: CCleaner has a cloud-based solution that allows you to improve the performance of your PC from any location.

If you need to clean your mobile device, then you will find that it supports Android devices.

But why does it stand out among others?

  • CCleaner has automatic updates. Any time you will turn it on, be sure it is the latest version (Meaning: If your internet is on, it updates automatically, thus excellent service).
  • You can schedule the cleaning of your PC with this software.
  • The CCleaner always keeps track of your PC performance and issues on a real-time basis.
  • Also, the CCleaner protects the privacy of your PC by securely getting rid of any history and tracking cookies.
  • My verdict is that the CCleaner offers your PC stability. It does that by removing any broken settings and errors.
  • If you use it on your business, then it optimizes your network, cleans it, and speeds it up.
  • CCleaner is available for both Windows and Mac. For Windows, you can download the free cleaner.
  • For Mac, it costs about $19.95. The professional package, about 3 PCs, could cost you $29.95. (These prices may change)

Download CCleaner

2. Ashampoo

Ashampoo PC Cleaner for Windows Official Website Home Page
Ashampoo PC Cleaner for Windows 10 Official Website Home Page

Ashampoo has been around for a long time. Any person with an old PC may have used this cleaner even once.

Today there is the Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17. This tool offers you magical performance, privacy, and superior performance.

But what else makes it better? Let’s find out.

  • Ashampoo comes with free disk space. Function like cleaning, optimizing, and protected work separately.
  • One, you can boost the performance of your PC just by disabling any unwanted services.
  • Ashampoo updates every year to improve its compatibility with your PC. (This guarantee a better performance)
  • This PC cleaner will want early enough of an impending system failure.
  • You can now uninstall unwanted files with its Uninstall Manager.
  • For any hiding data streams, the ADS scanner helps with that.
  • Moreover, Ashampoo is multi-user, monitors your PC with its WinOptimizer, and can all your profiles altogether.
  • Ashampoo is available for just $10.
  • It is compatible with Windows 7,8, and 10.

Download Ashampoo

3. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer PC Cleaner Official Site
Advanced System Optimizer PC Cleaner Official Site

When you look at the Advanced System Optimizer, you might think it is the default cleaning tool. Well, the background is Windows-like. This cleaner is way easy to use and powerful in capability.

But what more?

  • It offers Malware protection and privacy to your  PC. (You get access to Secure Encryptor, Privacy Protector, Secure Delete, and System Protector).
  • You can also restore important delete files (With its Undelete Files, Effortless Backup and Restore, System Files Backup and Restore, and the Backup Manager).
  • This tool removes any out of date files in your PC (Obsolete files) and junk.
  • Your PC will load faster and respond quickly. (It divides your drive and improve data distribution)
  • I noticed that Advanced System Optimizer prevents crashes and lagging using Disk Tools. You can also explorer files and their formats using the Disk Explorer.
  • Advanced System Optimizer comes with a one-day trial. You can get it from $24.96.
  • It is compatible with Windows XP,7, 8,8.1, and 10. Also 32 and 64-bit OS versions.

Download Advanced System Optimizer

4. Advanced SystemCare

Advanced System Care Ultimate 11 PC Cleaner Interface
Advanced System Care Ultimate 11 PC Cleaner Interface

Advanced SystemCare is an excellent cleaner, optimizer, and system protector with superior driver updating capabilities.

As the name “system care” care suggests, Advanced SystemCare goes beyond your PC up to your browsers and emails. But that isn’t all it offers. There is more.

  • Advanced SystemCare scans your emails and browsers for viruses and secures you from them.
  • You also get an installer that completely uninstalls any unnecessary browser plugins and software.
  • Your driver updates are more secure because SystemCare offers you a safer Http connection.
  • The bottom line, Advanced SystemCare, prevents you from junk and viruses. These actions make your PC more efficient.
  • This PC cleaner comes in multiple versions. The prices start at $19.99 for one license that serves 3 PCs. Advanced SystemCare packages that exist include SystemCare 13Pro, Driver Booster 7 Pro, and Advanced System Care Ultimate 13 Pro.
  • Advanced SystemCare is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, and 10. 

Download Advanced SystemCare

5. AVG PC TuneUp

AVG TuneUp PC Cleaner for Windows
AVG TuneUp PC Cleaner for Windows 10 User Interface

AVG PC TuneUp is more of a PC performance optimizer. What it does is that it puts your PC to sleep mode, this way improving its speed, its disk and browser cleaners. The result is overall automatic maintenance. But that’s not all. There is more.

  • AVG TuneUp frees your PC of any junk by installing any software not required.
  • Also, it cleans your registry and updates any programs.
  • Your PC also gets automatic maintenance. Any phishing cookies, cache files, browser traces, and program leftovers are removed.
  • It removes any unnecessary software and bloatware with its Software Uninstaller.
  • It updates most of your software to their most recent versions.
  • The bottom line, if your PC, games, and internet lag, then you need the AVG PC TuneUp. Every week maintenance restores your PC to excellent shape.
  • AVG TuneUp for PC is available for Windows. 
  • You can get this software for free or buy the upgrade for $49.99 annually.

Download AVG PC TuneUp

6. Iolo

Iolo (System Mechanic) PC Cleaner
Iolo (System Mechanic) PC Cleaner

Iolo PC cleaner(System Mechanic) targets your internet, drive, and processing speeds. Also, you can restore any files deleted before. One aspect stands out as well; Iolo improves your graphics. More benefits include:

  • Iolo protects your PC with its System Mechanic Ultimate Defense by managing your passwords and online privacy.
  • You can count on Iolo to boost your download and startup speeds as well.
  • On Windows 10, Iolo offers privacy while reducing the bandwidth requirements of your internet.
  • You can use it to erase your drive.
  • The bottom line, Iolo will improve the critical components of your PC making your system more responsive.
  • Iolo(System Mechanic) is supported on Windows 7,8, 8.1, and 10. Its price starts at $39.96.

Download Iolo (System Mechanic)

7. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner
Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

Microsoft Total PC Cleaner allows you to clean your PC and remove any files the way you may prefer. Other capabilities include:

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  • You can clear all caches, namely Browser, Mail, Application, System, and Office caches. Also, downloads and hefty files.
  • Microsoft Total also locates any large files that haven’t been used for a while.
  • Microsoft Total PC Cleaner is available for Windows 10 and above. It is also free of charge.

Download Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

8. Norton Utilities Premium

Norton Utilities Premium PC Cleaner for Windows
Norton Utilities Premium PC Cleaner for Windows Interface

Norton targets your drive mostly, frees up your drive, and has easy access to programs on your PC. The best part is that you can optimize your PC with a single click. Norton Utilities can still do more to optimize your PC. Here is how.

  • Norton Utilities offers digital privacy by removing browser file downloads.
  • It takes off the small issues that face your PC that you overlook, and that slows down your PC.
  • Norton can detect unwanted programs on your PC and remove them.
  • You can also dispose of personal files without worrying about anyone accessing them.
  • In case you leave your PC untouched for a while, Norton’s Automated PC care continues to work on your PC
  • Norton Utilities Premium works perfectly OS versions- Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. Moreover, it costs just $ 19.99 annually (This price could change depending on where you buy yours)

Download Norton Utilities Premium

9. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex 9.6 PC Cleaner for Windows
Razer Cortex 9.6 PC Cleaner for Windows

Razer Cortex is the PC cleaner you need when you need to optimize the performance of your system and games. Its tools allow you to make the best of its optimization capabilities. Let’s look at what more Razer Cortex can do.

  • First, it cleans your junk files.
  • You can use it on your mobile to locate the latest mobile games.
  • Razer Cortex saves up a slot of space for you by removing any unwanted files wasting KB on your PC.
  • You can use this cleaner to manage any apps and processes you do not need during gaming.
  • It auto-boosts games on launch for better performance. Later it reverts the game to normal state after play.
  • Razer uses the disabled CPU sleep mode to make your PC perform well. On the other hand, it enables the CPU core for a good gaming experience.
  • Razer Cortex supports optimal use in Windows 7.8, and 10. Furthermore, it is free of charge.

Download Razer Cortex

10. CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC PC Cleaner for Windows 10 Official Site
CleanMyPC PC Cleaner for Windows 10 Official Site

CleanMyPC works almost as similar to other PC Cleaners for Windows. CleanMyPC cleans, optimizes, and boosts speed by emphasizing on your file registry.  But why did it make it to this list of the best?

  • CleanMyPC tracks all your online activities and puts all that information in one place.
  • Then, it clears the cookies and login data. You may choose to remove all your online history with a single click.
  • You can multi-uninstall all the files you do not need and their junk files.
  • You can know nay autorun files in your PC with CleanMyPc, and disable them for more efficient PC performance.
  • You have access to all add-ons on your PC in one place. Then, you have a choice to keep those you need and those you do not need.
  • This software allows you to delete any files securely. You can then make the files unrecoverable for future use.
  • The bottom line, you can use CleanMyPC to solve your junk files, broken drivers, and registry problems. Besides, it’s easy to use.
  • CleanMyPC is available for free. You can also do a one-year subscription. It varies with the number of PCs. One PC will cost you $39.95, 2PCs $59.95, and 5 PCs($89.95).
  • You can make a one time purchase for $89.95, $134.95, and $199.95 for 1, 2, and 5 PCs, respectively. You can still quote for more licenses if you need them.
  • Moreover, you have a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

Download CleanMyPC

Your lagging can leave frustrated completely. You need to have a way of dealing with any lagging it throws at you. Having a PC Cleaner for Windows is a good start. The above are among the best. Download one or more today and keep PC optimized. You are not limited to the above list. Success!


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