Best Nintendo 64 Emulators For PC – Windows 10/7

Nintendo 64 (N64) was the best gaming console when it was launched around the mid-1990s. It was the last gaming console to use the cartridge as primary storage. Additionally, it featured games such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario among others.

Unfortunately, Nintendo 64 gaming console was discontinued in 2003 but this doesn’t mean you can no longer play your favorite N64 games. If you miss the legendary N64 games and you would want to play them on your Windows PC, then you can do that using Nintendo 64 emulators. Although emulators can’t provide the real fun of playing retro games on N64 console, they’re still good to relive that nostalgic era.

To help you get an excellent retro N64 gaming experience, I will tell you the top Nintendo 64 Emulators for PC. But before that, let’s see some of the factors you should consider before making your choice of Nintendo 64 emulator. They include:

  • The emulator you choose should support controller input, video, and audio plugins. All these will provide extra features and stability.
  • Your choice of emulator should be compatible with the ROM of any Nintendo 64 game you would like to play.
  • Your choice of an emulator is supposed to offer you a complete gaming experience. For instance, it should be able to save and load your current state in any of the games you play.
  • Your choice of emulator should be capable of working on multiple screen sizes as well as different aspect ratios for monitors or TVs.
  • The emulator you choose should allow you to play using almost all USB game controllers. It should also allow you to configure the design of their buttons.
Nintendo 64 Emulators For Windows 10 PC
Nintendo 64 Emulators For Windows 10 PC

Top Nintendo 64 Emulators For PC

There are many Nintendo 64 emulators that you can use to play your favorite N64 games but they do have some differences. Below are some of the best Nintendo 64 emulators for Windows 10 to play retro N64 games on PC. You can download all the Nintendo64 emulators for free.

1.Mupen64 Plus

Mupen64 Plus is among the popular and oldest emulators for the N64 gaming console. This emulator is loaded with all the necessary core plugins. It is easy to use and delivers a good audio experience. With Mupen64 Plus, you can play almost all N64 games available in the market.
Mupen64 plus emulator
Mupen64 Plus has strong support for a cheat system. Additionally, this emulator possesses dynamic recompilers for 32-bit as well as 64-bit systems.

Mupen64 Plus also supports gamepads and controllers thus making the gameplay more interesting. Furthermore, it boasts a user-friendly interface and lots of useful options.

Mupen64 is quite undemanding in terms of software requirements. It is available with a powerful processor that ensures high emulation quality. To download the latest version of Mupen64 Plus emulator on your Windows 10 PC, tap on the link below:

Download Mupen64 Plus


Project 64 Nintendo Emulator

Project64 is among the most popular and reliable Nintendo 64 emulators for N64 games. It will allow you to emulate many commercial as well as homebrewed games on all Windows versions without lags and freezes.

Project64 comes with an installer that makes the installation procedure less time-consuming. This installer also minimizes the risk of errors. You can as well try the portable version of Project64 out if you find it more suitable.

Project 64 is able to load and save your games statistics. It also features many useful cheats. These cheats help you to complete in-game quests successfully. Interestingly, you can download or add new cheats to this emulator.

Project 64 has gamepad as well as joystick support. Overall, this emulator has an outstanding performance and impressive design. You can download Project 64 to your Windows 10 PC from the official website below:

Download Project64


Nemu64 is one of the best choices of Nintendo 64 emulators for Windows 10 PC. This emulator is well-known for its ability to emulate most of the commercial N64 games. Additionally, this emulator runs smoothly with good quality performance.


Nemu64 is among the most compact and light N64 emulators for Windows PCs. The most interesting bit of this emulator is that it supports both offline and online multiplayer gaming.

Nemu64 is also compatible with a gamepad as well as the joystick. With this emulator, you can save and load game states anytime. Lastly, Nemu64 is easy to use and doesn’t require any special installation process.

You can visit the link below to download Nemu 64 emulator for Windows 10 PC:

Download Nemu 64


1964 is another great Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows 10 PC. It has similar features and options with Nemu 64 and Project 64 emulators. However, the 1964 emulator is available with additional ROM customization tools. These tools help you in the creation of cheat codes and customization of N64 games.

1964 Nintendo 64 Emulator

1964 provides high-quality videos because it has Rice Video and Glide64 plugins which enhance the increment of resolution textures of video games. You will actually see the games as you used to in your N64 gaming console. Furthermore, this emulator is compatible with a gamepad and a joystick-like most of the N64 emulators.

Even though the 1964 emulator has indisputable advantages, sometimes it may stop the game from being played and cause it to crash unexpectedly. If you happen to encounter such a hitch, try to pause the game and then resume it by tapping the play button. By doing so, the game will start running normally.

To download 1964 emulator on your Windows 10 PC, click on the link below:

Download 1964

5.Supra HLE

Supra HLE N64 emulator

Supra HLE is an emulator which is often used for professional emulation because of its advanced customization features. HLE means High-Level Emulators which provide more advanced customization options compared to other emulators.

Individuals who are well-versed in setting up High-Level Emulators may find using Supra HLE interesting. If you are not a pro user of emulators, it may be difficult for you to operate this emulator.

Supra HLE allows you to adjust graphics as well as sound. Additionally, it supports a gamepad or joystick. Moreover, this emulator allows you to set up the buffer size. In general, this software operates outstandingly on Windows operating systems and delivers an excellent emulation quality to the users.

It is important to note that some issues may arise when using Supra HLE to emulate Nintendo 64 games on your Windows 10 PC. However, this emulator functions flawlessly on Windows 7 platform.

You can download Supra HLE emulator free of charge from the link below:

Download Supra HLE

6. Megan64

Megan64 is another N64 emulator to play retro Nintendo games on Android Phones or on Windows Laptops. To use, Megan64 on Windows Laptops you must use a virtual Android emulation software. It is because Megan64 direct Windows software is not yet available.

N64 Emulators Conclusion

The afore-mentioned Nintendo 64 emulators for Windows 10 PC are great in terms of quality and provide many features that are useful in gaming. You can now select the emulator which impresses you and start running your favorite Nintendo 64 titles on your computer.

You can also try some other Nintendo 64 Rom emulations. ROM emulation is a common practice to play old games on Computers. Another way is to use an Android emulator and download the Nintendo game APK and play games on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can N64 emulators damage my computer?

No. However, some of the N64 emulators may make your computer to heat up but it is not really dangerous.

Which is the best N64 emulator for Windows 10 PC?

Project 64 is the best emulator for Windows PC. It has decent compatibility and it is relatively easy to set up and use compared to other N64 emulators.

Is Project 64 emulator free?

Project 64 emulator is considered one of the top-performing emulators used today and the most popular N64 emulator. Project64 software is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. Project 64 is also free and open-source software.

Does Project 64 emulator 64 have viruses?

Project 64 emulator is fine. As long as you download it from the official site, you are not going to get any viruses.

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