How Much is a Speeding Ticket in New York?

Speeding Ticket Cost in New York

Driving in New York comes with its unique set of challenges, and navigating speeding ticket costs is certainly one of them. If you’ve received a speeding ticket in the state, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, there are some guidelines you can follow to get a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to the financial penalties.

Each case’s specific circumstances dictate the cost of a speeding ticket in New York. Factors such as the area where the violation occurred, the speed over the limit, and any prior offenses can all contribute to the ultimate cost. In addition, insurance rates may be affected by a speeding ticket, which can increase long-term expenses. By staying informed of these factors, you’ll be better prepared for the consequences associated with your speeding ticket and can take steps to avoid future violations.

New York Speeding Ticket Costs

In New York, speeding tickets are a common traffic violation that you might face if you exceed the posted speed limits. In this section, we will discuss the different types of speeding tickets and the various speed limit zones in New York.

Types of Speeding Tickets

There are various types of speeding tickets in New York, depending on how fast you were driving above the speed limit. The fines and penalties associated with each type vary. Here’s a friendly table to help you understand the different speeding violation types and their respective costs:

Speed Violation TypeTicket Costs in New York
Up to 10 mph over the limit$45 – $150 in fines
11-30 mph over the limit$90 – $300 in fines

Please note that these fines may be accompanied by possible jail time, especially when driving at higher speeds above the limit. Be cautious and drive safely!

Speed Limit Zones

New York has various speed limit zones that you should be aware of. Some of the common speed limit zones include:

  1. Urban residential areas: In densely populated areas, the speed limit is usually set at 25 mph. This is to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.
  2. Rural residential areas: In less populated residential areas, the speed limit may be higher, typically around 35 mph.
  3. Highways and expressways: The speed limits on highways and expressways are higher, usually ranging from 55 mph to 65 mph.

Always pay attention to the posted speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly. Remember, driving within the speed limits not only helps you avoid getting a ticket but also ensures the safety of everyone on the road.

Speeding Ticket Fines

Fines and Surcharges

In New York, the cost of a speeding ticket can vary depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit. Listed below are the different fines and possible jail time associated with speeding violations:

  • Up to 10 mph over the speed limit: $45-$150 in fines with possible jail time of up to 15 days. 1
  • 11-30 mph over the speed limit: $90-$300 in fines. 1

Keep in mind that these fines do not include the additional New York State Criminal Justice surcharge of $15 on each fine2.

Court Fine Breakdown

When you receive a speeding ticket in New York, it’s important to understand the breakdown of the fines involved. Here’s an example of how the costs can add up:

  1. Speeding fine: Depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit, you’ll face a specific fine. As mentioned above, this could range from $45 to $300. 1
  2. Mandatory state surcharge: A $15 New York State Criminal Justice surcharge will be added to your fine amount. 2

In addition to these fines and surcharges, you should also consider the potential impact on your car insurance premiums after receiving a speeding ticket in New York3. Though it’s not a direct cost, it’s still essential to factor in this possible increase when calculating the total cost of your speeding ticket.


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Navigating NYC and the 5 Boroughs

Speeding Enforcement in NYC

New York City consists of the 5 boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island – and speeding enforcement is a priority to ensure road safety. To help deter drivers from exceeding the speed limit by more than ten miles per hour, NYC has implemented a speed camera program source. If you’re concerned about speeding in your neighborhood, you can request a speed camera by making a complaint at

Dealing with Speeding Tickets in the 5 Boroughs

When you receive a non-criminal traffic violation ticket in the 5 boroughs of NYC, it’s handled by the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) source. In order to deal with your ticket, there are a few important steps to consider:

  • Plead ‘Guilty’: By pleading guilty to the ticket, you agree to pay the imposed fines, fees, and surcharges that result from your plea source. Payment can be made online, via mail, or in person at a TVB location. Make sure to check the deadline for your payment to avoid additional penalties.
  • Plead ‘Not Guilty’: If you believe the ticket was issued unfairly, you can plead not guilty and request a TVB hearing in the jurisdiction where the ticket was issued source. This gives you the opportunity to present your case and possibly have the penalties reduced or the ticket dismissed.

Keep in mind that the TVB does not handle parking or red light camera tickets source. These violations require contacting the appropriate court or agency.

When navigating the busy streets of NYC and its 5 boroughs, be mindful of the speed limits, parking regulations, and other traffic laws to maintain a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 20 mph over speeding ticket cost in NY?

In New York, speeding 11-20 mph over the speed limit can result in a fine between $90 and $300, plus additional fees and surcharges. It’s important to remember that the exact cost may vary based on factors like your driving record and location.

What is the cost of a first-time speeding ticket in NY?

A first-time speeding ticket in NY can range from $45 to $600, depending on the severity of the violation. For example, if you exceed the speed limit by 1-10 mph, the fine is between $45 and $150. Keep in mind that additional fees and surcharges may apply.

Is there a way to calculate speeding ticket costs in NY?

It’s not easy to calculate the exact cost of a speeding ticket in New York, as it depends on factors like your driving record, the amount you exceeded the speed limit, and the specific location where the violation occurred. However, you can refer to the New York State Troopers and New York DMV websites for guidelines on speeding ticket fines and penalties.

What is the fine for going 90 in a 65 mph zone in NY?

If you’re caught driving 25 mph over the speed limit in New York, you can face a fine between $180 and $600. This falls under the 21-30 mph over the speed limit category. Additionally, you may receive 6 violation points on your driving record and be subject to surcharges and fees.

How much does a 15 mph over speeding ticket cost in NY?

In New York, if you exceed the speed limit by 11-20 mph, you can receive a fine ranging from $90 to $300. Keep in mind that this amount is subject to change based on your driving history, the location of the violation, and any additional fees or surcharges that may apply.

Can speeding in NY lead to jail time?

While rare, it is possible for speeding in New York to result in jail time. This typically occurs when the violation is considered extremely severe or when the driver has a history of repeat offenses. It’s important to always obey traffic laws and prioritize safety on the road to avoid potential penalties.

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