Step By Step Guide to Use Facetime on Windows 10 PC

If you love video calling through your PC, then you need Facetime. But does it work on Windows 10 PC? If not, how can you install it on your Windows PC? For this and more information, Facetime continues reading.

Facetime is an application only available to Apple devices like iOS and macOS gadgets. Whether it is an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, or Mac all are compatible with this application.

use FaceTime on Windows 10 PC

This software makes use of your device’s camera and audio. Additionally, your recipient requires to have a tool that supports Facetime. It is available in over thirty different languages. The main reason most people love using Facetime is because of its high-quality video and audio output. You can also create a video call with more than one person. As of now, you can contact over thirty people using Facetime at the same time. So, let’s begin with downloading and using Facetime on Windows 10 PC.

3 Ways to Use Facetime on PC

The following are methods you can use to download and install Facetime on a Windows 10 PC. You can either use Bluestacks or iPadian to install this application.

#1:Use iPadian iOS Emulator

The next way is using the iPadian iOS emulator. If you haven’t downloaded this iOS and iPad simulator go to

  • Click Download for Windows. You will pay $25 to get iPadian iOS v.13.
  • When the download process is complete, you can now install the simulator on your Windows 10 PC.
  • After that open the App Store and search for Facetime.
  • Click on get to download the app on your Windows 10 PC.
Downloading Facetime on PC using iPadian

When the download process is complete, you can now open the application and begin using Facetime.

The procedure of using Facetime on iPadian is like how you use it on Bluestacks.

#2: Use FaceTime on PC Via 

If you want to run both iOS and Android applications on your Windows 10 PC, then use

Because Appetize simulates and emulates iOS and Android, respectively.

Facetime is an iOS app; therefore, you must have an and download its apk before you upload it to

Here is an example of how works.

Using to run Facetime demo

Click on Add Media to add the Facetime app on and follow the sign-up and sign procedure and start using it on your Windows 10 PC.

For more information, visit

#3. Using Bluestacks

Before downloading Bluestacks Android Emulator to your Windows 10 PC, you need to ensure your PC meets all Bluestacks installation requirements. Click Bluestacks System Requirements to know more information about Bluestacks minimum requirements.

If your PC meets all that then its time to download Bluestacks.

  1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  2. Click on Download Bluestacks for the setup to start downloading.
  3. Now install Bluestacks setup on your PC and restart your PC after the installation process is done.
  4. Open Bluestacks and wait for the emulator to load before you can sign in using your Google details (email and password).
  5. Currently, there is no official Facetime setup for Windows PC. So, to get it you need to download Facetime Apk. Click on this link to download facetime.apk.
  6. Otherwise, you can visit to download the Apk.
  7. After you have downloaded the apk, you can now install it using Bluestacks.
  8. To do that, go to the file location and right-click on the setup and go to open with, then select Bluestacks.
  9. The installation process will begin, and after that, you will have installed Facetime on your Windows 10 PC.

How to Use Facetime on Bluestacks?

Now that you have installed Facetime on Bluestacks its time to begin using it. When you open Facetime on Bluestacks, you will be prompted to sign up by entering your email address and password. Without doing that you cannot use Facetime.

  • On Facetime, you will see a contact list of people in your contact that you can video call using Facetime.
  • Choose the contacts you want to video or audio call, and you will see their email address.
  • Then select the email address to begin a video call. Moreover, you can choose to send a message if you don’t wish to make the video call at that time.

When you are done with the video call. Disconnect by tapping the red button.

NB: Make sure your camera and microphone are on before you start a video call on Facetime.


Facetime System Requirements

  • Operating System – Windows 10
  • Storage – 2GB+ RAM
  • Processor Speed – 1GHz+
  • Webcam and Microphone
  • Internet Connection

Features of Facetime


You don’t need to top-up for you to start a video call. A secure internet connection is the only thing you need. Additionally, it doesn’t have in-app purchases. It’s free.

High-Quality Video and Audio Calls

Facetime video and audio calls are high-quality. You will see and hear the other caller well. So, if you want high-quality videos and audio then think about Facetime.

Group Video Calls

Do you own an organization and want to pass information to all your employees? Or you want to communicate with a group of people. Facetime enables you to make a group video call for up to ten people at once.

Send Message

Other than video and audio calls, you can also send a text message to people on your contact list.

Hide & Block Contacts

Are you being disturbed by some of your contacts? Facetime gives you the ability to block or hide them hence prevent them from disturbing you.


The interface of this application is user-friendly. Hence, you don’t have challenges locating your contacts.


You can use Facetime anywhere in the world. However, some countries have restricted the use of this application. The countries include; Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and China.

Cross Connecting

Facetime enables you to connect with Android users on Windows 10 PC without problems.

Best Facetime Alternatives

There are other applications that you can use that have like features like Facetime. They include;


For free audio and video calls and sending of text messages with other users, you can use Skype. Moreover, you can send files like videos, documents, and many more through this application. You can download it for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. Additionally, you can start a conference video call whenever you want to conduct a meeting online.

With Skype, you can also call mobile phones, but you will purchase credit to do that. This feature is available in twenty-six countries. However, to get the best out of Skype, ensure your device has a good camera, microphone, and you are connected to a strong internet connection.

For more details about Skype, visit


Currently, Zoom is one of the best videos and audio call application you can install in your Windows 10 PC. With Zoom, you can schedule the start of video calls, chat with a group of people, and record your meetings.

Also, it provides you with high-definition video and audio calls every time. What you require is a secure internet connection. Get to know more about Zoom by visiting

Google Hangouts

With Google Hangouts, you can send text messages and make video or audio calls. It’s free to download this application. Furthermore, you can start a group conversation and create group video calls with up to ten of your contacts.

Google Hangouts works on iOS, Android, and PCs. For Windows 10 PC go to to access all features of this application.

How to use Hangouts on Windows PC

Facebook Messenger

This is an easy to use application. It’s a messaging application owned by Facebook. With it, you can send a text message, start group chats, video calls, and share files such as images. You require to have an internet connection to do all these.

Additionally, you can send cash, play games, share your location, chat with different business companies, and react by sending your contact emojis. Learn more about Facebook messenger via this link.


A secure way to communicate with your contacts is what you want. Therefore, you must download and install Viber to enjoy such features. It has heightened security features like end-to-end encryption and verification of contacts; hence no one other than the recipient can see your chats.

Learn more about Viber by visiting


Is Facetime free?

Downloading and using Facetime is free. You only need to connect to an internet connection to use this application. Also, you can use Facetime when you are connected to wi-fi.

How can you download Facetime on PC?

To use Facetime on Windows 10 PC, you need to download this application either using Bluestacks emulator, iPadian, or

Can Skype Connect to Facetime?

Never. These are separate applications even though they serve the same purpose. You cannot connect Skype to Facetime and vice versa.

Is Facetime everywhere?

Not really but you in most countries allow the use of Facetime. Most Arab states like Qatar, Saudi Arabi, UAE, etc. have restricted use of Facetime. China is another country that doesn’t allow the use of this application.

How to add contacts on Facetime.

You don’t need to add contacts directly on Facetime as it reads your device’s contacts. So, if most of your contacts are using Facetime, you will see.


You can either use iPadian or Bluestacks emulator to download and use Facetime on Windows 10 PC. With Facetime, you are sure to either video or audio call and send text messages to your contacts for free. Thanks for your time.

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