Call of Duty Mobile For PC Download – COD For Windows 10

Call of duty is an outstanding game that offers outstanding gaming experience to multiple players. The game, which has more than 100 million gamers Call of Duty, has become the new interest between gamers. Call of duty is available in any respective app store in our mobiles for download at any given time.

The game, however, comes with an in-game store that allows players to be able to purchase items such as weapons using the call of duty points. It also grants access to premium battle that gives access to elite missions.

Note: This tutorial will work on Windows 10 OS, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 OS. I will refer only Windows 10 only in many instances, It doesn’t mean that it only works on Windows 10. This Call of Duty Mobile download method is valid on all Windows Operating Systems.

Call of duty mobile For PC

Call of Duty game is known to offer a new class-based system while playing as a team. Players who play as clones, get special powers to summon zombies. In this game, the player is given the responsibility of looking after their team members.

Call of Duty mobile is known to provide excellent graphics and gameplay hence competing with large applications such as PUBG mobile.

Steps to Download and Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

  • Inside your emulator folder click on install call of duty mobile.
  • After installation of your game, click on play.

Bluestack emulator

  • This software allows you to run Android applications on your device. Using its interface, you will be able to manage all the features on your virtual device and download and install different apps in just a few seconds.
  • This is one of the best free Android emulator recommended for playing games like call of duty and any other new games enjoying your gaming experience.
  • BlueStacks App Player is compatible with a large variety of apps, more so modern video games.
Call of Duty Mobile For PC Download - COD For Windows 10
Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10 PC

Installing BlueStacks

  1. In case you get the ‘Do you want to run this file?’ pop-up on your mobile, just ignore it. BlueStacks is entirely safe and will not harm your mobile.
  2. After the download is complete, go ahead and click install to start installing Bluestacks on your mobile.
  3. Wait until the installation process is finished. Once it is finished, click on Complete.
  4. Wait for a few minutes in the “Starting the Engine” step of the process. This is needed for the Android Emulator to assess your mobile performance and work accordingly.
  5. Log in to a Google account as this is a sign that BlueStacks has a professional relationship with Google. This enables it to be able to download any android game or app on your mobile. If you are already logged in with a Google account, make sure to use that one.
  6. The final step is to test and make sure that your application is running smoothly. Finally, you can install your favorite game, for instance, Call of Duty. You can download Call of Duty mobile for Windows 10 using other methods. Check out the link for that method.

Steps to Install Call of Duty on mobile.

First, download the APK and OBB file (opaque binary blob –it contains additional data that is not stored in the APK such as graphics, media files, or large program assets).

Create a folder in the OBB folder and name it ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter.’

Go to the download folder and move the OBB file ’call of duty ‘to the newly created folder. Rename the file to’ .callofduty. Shooter.obb ‘.

Once the OBB file is saved, install the APK. INSTALLATION OF Call of duty should start. Give permissions to necessary requests as you log in to your game.

Steps on downloading Bluestack on your mobile.

  • First, go to your play store application on your mobile and double click to search for BlueStacks application.
  • Download BlueStacks mobile. Alternatively, you can download Bluestacks on free game application.
  • After clicking download, you will check on downloads to agree to the terms and conditions.

Most of the time, we find out that we play games, and we never come to the end of the battles. Well, since this is a common problem, there are several tips to increase your performance.

 Different Gaming Modes in Call of Duty Mobile ( COD) Game

When using Call of Duty, you are required to choose a class system while playing in the multiplayer mode. Class systems include clown, scout, mechanic, and medic.

Below explains the class systems;

  • Clown

A clown in the game can summon zombies to protect him or her from enemies. Zombies will be used to attack the enemies giving the players time to escape or hide.

Therefore clown is a player, but nothing as the name a player, the player gets special power to summon zombies to their advantage.

  • Scout

Scouts are given ideas by the players about hostile positions in the surrounding area. Scouts use track prints to track any dangers or their exposure to the enemies near them. This gives players ideas on which areas have huge risks.

  • Mechanic

A mechanic is given an assignment by the player to alter electrical operations on the enemy’s team. The mechanic has a privilege to access all the gadgets in the team.

With an engineer’s ability, a mechanic can get a view of traps, vehicles, and other gadgets set by the enemies.

  • Medic

Medic gives health services to the players’ nearby. As a medic in the game, players are still responsible for the well-being of the teammates.

Tips on how to improve your Call of Duty Mobile game performance

  • Maximize settings performance

In CoD Mobile, tap the “Settings” tab towards the top, select “Audio and Graphics,” then select “Very High” the under, select “Frame Rate” (iOS, enable “High”). This enabled, aim for the highest frame rates, ensuring that during most sessions, you will run the entire game smoothly. This increases your chances of winning the battle.

  • Close any background activities

This will increase the RAM; hence, performance will be high, and the gaming process will be faster.

  • Look for a Strong Wi-Fi Connection (5 GHz)

High network connections will prevent any internet delays hence will not delay any activity during the game. Call of Duty Mobile being able to support online multiplayer, your data connection is important.

  • Adjust your screen controls

All your screen controls are adjustable to the required size. You can either increase or decrease their sizes, considering which best suits your gaming skills.

  • Purchase a Gaming phone

Gaming phones tend to have the best features and also prevent one from any distractions.

  • As a player learn to strafe

A player who makes movements during the game most likely wins compared to a player who stands still.

Especially in Call of Duty, a player who makes movements easily escapes gunshots and attacks hence having a high chance of winning.

  • Learn the battle

Understanding of the levels of the battle will help a player to easily navigate and help their teammates if necessary at any level

  • Always practice

Practice will improve your navigation, aid skills, and also shooting skills. This allows you to aim precisely at the enemy without being killed or attacked.

Call of Duty has been known to be the newest competitive and good game in the gaming world has come to attention that due to it being a high pace game, it improves your body reflexes, and you become more active.

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