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Gameloop is an Android emulator that allows you to play Tencent mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile on your Windows 10 PC. Gameloop imitates your Android phone. Meaning? You get to play Android mobile games on your PC comfortably like you would on a mobile phone. All you need to do is to download Gameloop and install it on your PC. But first, let’s look at the most recommended requirements.

Note: We highly recommend using the new Fastest Android emulator called LDPlayer to play games like Pubg Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile very smoothly.

Requirements to Install Gameloop

Before installing any software, it is always important to check whether your PC is compatible with it. So what are the requirements to look out for?

  • A RAM of 4 GB or 8GB is the most recommended.
  • A Processor type Intel or AMD, versions i5 and above
  • Windows OS versions 7 and above
  • Hard disk space of 1.5 GB and above

Note that these are the minimum requirements for your Game loop to install correctly on your Computer. So what follows is for you to download the Gameloop Android emulator on your Desktop or Laptop. So stay with me as we go about the download process together.

Pros and Cons of Gameloop


  • Gameloop is easy to download
  • Games on Gameloop are easy to optimize
  • Access to live streams


  • Gameloop focuses a lot on Tencent games

Download Gameloop For PC

  • First, go to your favorite browser (Chrome is always perfect for doing this).
  • On your browser, visit the below-given download link to get Gameloop for free.

Alert: Before leaving the website, you must read the instruction on how to install Gameloop on Windows 10 without getting errors, if you don’t read this you will end up getting stuck at 98% while installing.

  • You can also visit the official Game Loop emulator website and download it.
  • On the website homepage, click the button GAMELOOP 3.2( Here we are at the Downloads now page)
GameLoop Download For PC
Click Gameloop 3.2
  • Here, select the version by your most preferred language (I chose English). Click on your favored version right away.

Bonus Tip: Click the All other Version for more versions of Gameloop

  • On clicking your preferred language version, the download immediately starts.
GameLoop For Windows 10
Choose Preferred Language Version
  • Lastly, wait for the download process to complete

Now that the download is done, what follows is the installation process. I am going to tell you how I did it in this next part.

How to Install Gameloop for Windows 10?

The installation process for Gameloop is straightforward. So, here is how to go about it.

  1. First, go to your Gameloop download destination on your System.
  2. Secondly, navigate to the Gameloop file, which is a Gameloop .exe file.
  3. Now, double-click the file. ( A prompt will open for you to accept changes to your PC by Gameloop)
  4. Therefore, click Yes
  5. Lastly, Gameloop will open, click the green Start button and wait for Gameloop to complete.
Gameloop Emulator on Windows 10 PC
Click Start
  • The installation takes a few seconds.
  • Now that the installation process is complete, what follows is for you to install an Android game you prefer through Gameloop.
  • I will take you through the Gameloop settings for playing games on your Windows 10 PC. So, stick around for the next section. But first, let’s look at how you can install games to Gameloop.

Best Settings for Playing Games on Gameloop

Playing on default settings may not give you that experience you’re looking for. There are several changes you can make to Gameloop settings to have the best gaming experience. The first bit is to change your Engine Settings Here’s what to do.

  • First, open your Gameloop application.
  • Secondly, on the right of the user interface right, there is a three dash icon, click on it and navigate to Settings.
Settings for Playing Games on Gameloop
Click Three-Dash(Menu-icon), Select Settings
  • Then, click on the Engine. You will see “Rendering” at the top.
  • Now, choose OpenGL or DirectX (Note: Do not select the ones with the +)
  • Then, check off these boxes: Render Cache, Enforce Global Render Cache, Prioritize Dedicated GPU, and Rendering Optimization.
  • Lastly, for Anti-aliasing, select Close, for Memory select Auto. Also, Auto for Processor. Finally, for Resolution, choose 1280*720 and 160 for DPI.
Gameloop Settings Center
Select OpenGL or DirectX for Rendering and 1280*720 for Resolution

Now that you have changed Engine Settings, what follows is to change your Game Settings. Follow steps one and two above, but this time, click the Game tab. Below is what to do for the rest of the options.

  • On the Settings Center, in the Game tab, you will land on PUBG MOBILE.
  • Under Gaming Resolution, choose SD 720P, then the Auto or smooth option for Display Quality (The result will be smooth play and graphics).

Inside the game on Gameloop, there are few things you can for your settings to make the gaming experience better. Click on Settings within the game and do the following:

  • For Graphics, choose smooth. For frame Rate, select Extreme. (Frame rate gives the game a sleek look, and extreme option optimizes the frame rate immediately).
  • Secondly, select Disable for Anti-aliasing (Anti-aliasing usually create sharp angles for graphics) – Disabling improves the game speed but reduces its aesthetics.
  • Lastly, slide Brightness to 100% and click Disable under Auto-adjust graphics.

At this point, the game should be able to work at its best on Gameloop.

Gameloop is pretty amazing for games, but despite that, you may have your doubts. In this last section, we will look at the pros and cons of the Gameloop application.

How to Install Games on Gameloop?

Installing games on Game loop software is easy when you already have this Android emulator on your Operating System. So, here is how to go about it.

  • First, open the Gameloop application on your Windows 10 Laptop.
  • Secondly, navigate to the GAME CENTER at the top.
  • Thirdly, move your cursor to search icon and type the game Tencent game or any other Android mobile game you need.
  • Moreover, you could select any of the games in the Game Center.
  • Then, click on your preferred game, and click on the download button on your right side.
  • Here, wait for configuration to complete, then the download will start immediately.

Note: Ensure you have a good internet connection when doing this.

  • Now, wait for the download to complete
  • Also, once the download is complete, wait for the installation process to conclude
  • From here, the game will appear at my games for you to launch and play.

You could also do the installation of the game manually on Gameloop. But first, there are two things you need to have to install your game. For example, if installing PUBG, you will need:

  • A PUBG APK file folder
  • A PUBG OBB file folder

Note that you will download both the APK and OBB files on your Android device. Simply, type PUBG APK or PUBG OBB file on Google and download.

Also note: the APK file will have the extension “.XAPK,” now you have to rename it to” zip.”

For OBB, go to your File Manager, then select Android then scroll to OBB. Here, copy the folder, com.tencent.ig to your PC, and save all these files in a folder.

Now that you have done all this, what follows is installing the game manually on your PC. In this next section, let’s do the manual installation together.


How to Install Games Manually on Gameloop?

Now that you have the APK and OBB files on your PC, what follows is the manual installation. So let’s do it together in the order below:

  • First, move APK and Obb files to the same folder as the Gameloop Emulator

Also, you could manually search the MobileGamePCShared folder on your PC. Then, Find the Temp folder, click on it, and open the MobileGamePCShared folder. Lastly, copy and paste APK and OBB files in this folder.

  • Secondly, open Gameloop. There are a few things to do here, as follows:

Foremost, go to where Gameloop is installed, then navigate to Android Emulator. Secondly, double-click and run the app on your PC. Then, wait until the loading concludes. Here, install ES File Explorer in the emulator and Set Up The Files.

After installation, go back to the home screen of your Gameloop.

  • Now, install your game, in this case, PUBG Mobile APK. So, here’s how to go about it:

Go to the directory folder, then to the data folder, and then open the Share folder. Here, click the PUBG Mobile APK and install it.

  • Lastly, start playing your games.

Now that you have the game ready, you may want to know the best settings for your Gameloop to play the games correctly. In this next section, find out the best settings for playing games on Gameloop.


Playing your Android games on a larger screen like that of your Windows 10 PC should be easy. Why? All you need is an Android emulator like Gameloop. Therefore, go ahead and download it with the steps above, install it, and install games on the emulator. Lastly, tweak the settings as above, and enjoy your gaming. All the best!

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